As we get ready to plant a disciple-making church in the Chicagoland area, we are joining LIFEChurch for our Sunday services so that we may focus our attention on getting everyone in our church family in to LIFEgroups and discipleship relationships. As announcements on Sunday are no longer our primary way of updating you,  you can keep up to date with all that is going on in this exciting stage of our church life through the following: 

(1) Via our text chain (join by texting ANTIOCH to 31996)

(2) Our E-Newsletter (join by scrolling below.) 

(3) This webpage will continue to be live and we have added the updates page so you can follow and participate in our church planting phases, and Andy will be helping your continued spiritual growth through his blog.




We would love for you to be part of our regular email updates, to keep you informed on events and exciting things happening in the life of our church!

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Whether you are a first time guest, or a long time attender, we want to know how we can help. Please reach out here.

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