With any teaching or text it is helpful to ask the questions:

What did I learn about God?

What did I learn about man?

How can I apply this to my life this week?

Who can I talk to about what I’ve learned this week?


June 10: Phil 1:1-11

Pastor Andy Doyle begins our new series as we explore the book of Philippians.

In this first installment, we look at the truth that LOVE ABOUNDS IN GOSPEL PARTNERSHIP, and we’ve looked at this through four foundational phrases and words: Saints, Grace, Gospel Partnership, and Love Abounds.

June 17: Phil 1:12-30

Pastor Andy Doyle looks to Philippians as Paul writes from prison and is able to have joy as

1. The gospel WILL advance

2. Christ WILL be honored

Take-away: God is HUGE and NOTHING can stop His plan to honor Christ and share his gospel with people. God won’t waste your suffering for the gospel.

June 24: Phil 2:1-11

Unity within the church is found through walking in Christ-like humility. Conceit is the unity-killer – Pastor Andy dives into how to avoid conceit, pursue humility, and shares some of the humorous side of the things that churches fight over.

July 1: PHIL 2:12-18

Gregory Hyde looks to Philippians to discover how Paul encourages the church to continue doing good works, whether or not he is in their presence. In the same way, we should continue to grow in our faith and to live lives that are set apart from the world, as we are children of God.

July 22: PHIL 3:12-4:1

Pastor Andy Doyle continues our journey through Philippians, by teaching on the importance of pressing on through the race of life towards salvation and standing firm in the Lord.

July 29: PHIL 4:2-9

Gregory Hyde leads us through a teaching discussing the importance of focusing on what is good in our journey of life, running towards Jesus.

August 5: Christ is Enough

Pastor Andy Doyle closes our study of Philippians by teaching on the importance and struggle of understanding that “Christ is Enough,” and how we can learn to grow in times of difficulty.