Kingdom of God

With any teaching or text it is helpful to ask the questions:

What did I learn about God?

What did I learn about man?

How can I apply this to my life this week?

Who can I talk to about what I’ve learned this week?


June 23: What We See + Hear

Lloyd Morrison opens up a series examining the Kingdom of God, as he discusses how what christians talk about, impacts those in their lives for Jesus' sake. 

July 28: A God Who Heals

Lloyd Morrison discusses different instances of Jesus' healing in the bible, and what each teaches on healing in our own lives. 

August 18: Jesus + the Demonic

Lloyd Morrison concludes his series on the Kingdom of God, by looking at a series of passages in Mark, and studying the power of demonic forces on our lives and the world, and the even greater, unlimited power of Jesus, should we embrace him.