Faith That Works

With any teaching or text it is helpful to ask the questions:

What did I learn about God?

What did I learn about man?

How can I apply this to my life this week?

Who can I talk to about what I’ve learned this week?


October 14: Trials Are to Make Us, Not Break Us.

Pastor Andy Doyle begins our study of the book of James, entitled "Faith That Works." Starting with James 1:1-18, Andy discusses how trials happen, and how to focus on God in the midst of them, in order to find the good.

October 21: The Need for Action

Gregory Hyde continued our series "Faith That Works," through the book of James on October 21. Covering James 1:19-2:13, Gregory guides us to understand the need for action in our faith walk, and how that impacts our relationship with God, the world, and the Church.

October 28: Faith + Works

Pastor Andy continues our journey through James, as he teaches on 2:14-26. He examines how James teaches us the importance of works in the scope of our saving faith and how Jesus can transform us through His grace.

November 4: Taming the Tongue

Pastor Andy teaches on James 3:1-12, and the importance of taming our tongues. We see how our tongues reflect our hearts and how God can help us in our pursuit of transformation.

November 11: Warning Against Worldliness

We must choose between God and 'the world' to find fulfillment. Pastor Andy continues our series through James, as he examines how God is the only one who can truly satisfy the deepest needs of our soul, and invites us to draw near to Him.

November 18: Be Patient, and Stand Firm Together.

Andy takes us through James 5:12-17, continuing themes of patience and perseverance. He takes us through how we are to accomplish this together, and represent God’s trustworthiness, compassion and mercy to one another.