With any teaching or text it is helpful to ask the questions:

What did I learn about God?

What did I learn about man?

How can I apply this to my life this week?

Who can I talk to about what I’ve learned this week?


September 9: The Importance of a Name

Pastor Andy Doyle starts our series examining our church identity by talking about the importance of names, and how names are intricately tied to mission. He presents our own evolvement into a new church name, and the biblical basis for that decision.

September 16: Mission

Drew Steadman, the U.S. Director for our greater Antioch Movement, joined us from Waco to speak on Mission. He taught on the strength of identity and the purpose of mission, as we share and live the gospel.

September 23: Vision

Pastor Andy continues our series examining the blueprint of our church, by discussing our vision, “Love God. Love People.” He challenges each of us to examine how we love God and that informs our love of people.

September 30: Values

Pastor Andy Doyle concludes our four part series on our church identity, by speaking about our Church Values. Encountering God. Relational Discipleship. Missional Living. He discusses how we should live out those values as individuals and as the church.