The Beatitudes

With any teaching or text it is helpful to ask the questions:

What did I learn about God?

What did I learn about man?

How can I apply this to my life this week?

Who can I talk to about what I’ve learned this week?


May 26: The Beatitudes Part 1

We open our new series on the Beatitudes, with Andy teaching on the blessings for the Poor in Spirit, and those who mourn. He teaches on the importance of understanding our own spiritual bankruptcy in finding lasting peace. 

June 2: The Beatitudes Part 2

Andy explains what Jesus meant when he called people blessed who were meek and who hungered and thirsted after righteousness, and what this means for us today.

June 9: The Beatitudes Part 3

Pastor Andy describes the importance of mercy, as a response to the misery of others, as an invaluable aspect of building relationships with each other and with God. 

June 16: The Beatitudes Part 4

Pastor Andy concludes our series on the Beatitudes, by discussing how each Beatitude translates into action in the life of a christian.